MBB Ab Crunch Machine for Home Gym Strength Training

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  • Multi-Purpose Exercise:Three combinations(Fundamental Exercise , Combine Exercise , Band Exercise) provide 21 exercise modes to train your core muscles with this easy-to-use abdominal trainer while stimulating your metabolism and activating fat burning,suitable for all family members.Added additional rowing machine function
  • Customize Your Workout:There are 5-intensity selection button to choose according your training plan. Burn calories & firm up while sitting down. Target each muscle group of your body to maximize exercise effect with maximum comfort.
  • Maximum AB Workout In 8 Minutes a day:The multiple AB crunch is scientifically designed to get you the slim body,sexy waistline and rock hard abs you’ve always wanted in just 8 minutes a day!AB Crunch combines 7 great exercise machines plus cardio all in one.
  • Ergonomic Design & Thick Padded Cushion:Upgraded with study &solid frame and 2 times thicker seat cushion making it suitable for middle-aged and elderly people who are obese.When using this core&abdominal trainer for exercise, it can ensure high safety and the most comfortable support.
  • Fully assembled and easy to use:What you will receive is a completely pre-installed Ab Crunch come with product tutorial DVD ,you can use it directly without complicated installation,easy to operate and workout your whole body by following the exercise guide.In addition,exquisitely packaged gift box, making it ideal as a fitness gift.


Product Description

Company introduction: Raytheon brand is well known in the United States, Europe and Japan for 22 years, with more than 5000 international patents. Raytheon is a high-end international brand in Japan.


8 minutes of training, you can clearly feel the burning of fat, our product philosophy is, happy exercise, exercise every day, do not let exercise become a burden.

  • 122 countries patent, global hot sale
  • No installation, direct use
  • Push-button type 5 strength adjustment
  • Add rowing machine exercise function
  • 21 kinds of exercise function, very suitable for the whole family to use
  • More than 2 times the thickness of the seat cushion (suitable for obese middle-aged and elderly people)
  • Beautiful color box gift packaging — sports and health gifts
  • Contains tutorial DVDS, posters, advertising films, with exclusive rights.

Total body training

With this you can do Sit Ups/Crunches, Push Ups, Bridge , Scissor Kicks , Forearm/Biceps , Triceps , Ab Tucks , Bicycling up to 22 different exercise. offering you a diverse range of complete body with special focus on core region.

Thickening cushion

Making sure you get the comfortable exercise experience. Bigger and thicker cushion can protect your different body parts when you work out with kinds of exercise.

4 height levels

Its ergonomic design is not only focused on user-friendly workout experience, but also offers 4-level adjustable resistance to gradually progress through your workouts.

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