IFAST Multi Function Pro Power Rack | New Arrival

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IFAST’s old power rack is deeply loved by new and old users. To meet the various needs of everyone’s fitness, our R&D team has absorbed suggestions from many customers and KOLs, iterated the power rack, added many functions, and is more cost-effective, will never let you down! 

IFAST Power Rack Pro Power Rack

IFAST Power Rack

? IFAST Pro Power Rack

? 8 New Upgrades⬆:

Add three new colors, blue, white, and green to highlight the individuality of the bodybuilder
Increase the design of the leg hold-down attachment, which is more stable when using the pull-down system, and there are three adjustable holes, suitable for people of different heights to exercise
Increase the 360°landmine T-bar and enrich the training actions.
Increase the weight plate storage holder, more convenient loading and unloading, and improve customer experience.

Adjust the direction of the dip bar, and the overall power cage is more stable when doing movements.
Increase the number of punching holes, and there are more adjustment options for bench presses of different genders.
The base of the rack has added a component that can be nailed to the ground to meet the needs of users who want to completely fix the rack
Longer LAT pull-down bars to suit different body types

?‍♂New Power Rack, New Challenges

There are a lot of workouts with the rack, the following exercises are for reference:

Bench presses
Incline presses
Decline presses
Upright or seated rows
Shoulder shrugs
Standing biceps curls
Tricep press downs
Hanging leg raises
Hanging knee raises
Shoulder presses
Tricep extensions
Calf press
Wide grip front lat pull
Close grip front lat pull
Bent row
Seated row
Shoulder shrug
Tricep press
Front grab
Hanging shoulder shrugs

?IFAST also prepared a full-body rack exercise poster for everyone! Those who are interested can download the exercises.

?What You Want to Know


Product Weight: 192 lbs
Assembled Dimensions: 56.3″*43.3″*86.6″(L*W*H)
Footprint: 16.9 sqft
Height: 86.6″
Uprights: 2” x 2”
Hole size: 1″
Space between holes: 3.14″
Uprights Capacity: 1000 lbs
Safety Bar Capacity: 800 lbs
J-Hook Capacity: 500 lbs
Pull-up Bar Capacity: 300 lbs
Dip Bar Capacity: 350 lbs
Pulley System Capacity: 200 lbs
Plate Storage Capacity: 140 lbs
Plate Storage: Suitable for 2” hole plates
Package: Sent in 2 separate packages


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